New Year Address 2018

Dear Trimmers / EXO Family

A wishful New Year has brightened. First of all, I want you to be in the year 2018 with the peace and happiness of your family.

There have been many changes in the company during the year 2017. Above all, three factories have been combined, and two TASK FORCE TEAMs have been launched to develop them more precisely.

Even though with some worries, many attempts to keep up with the concerns and to improve their appearance at the moment, and it was a year of failure and success. In 2018, it should become a year of solidifying its appearance and showing its status as a Small Giant.

Unlike “Trimmers” in the past 10 years, there will be many attempts in the next five years to create a company that no one else can come up with in the industry.

First, it is the industry's first installation and execution of a complete automation assembly line. After three years, automation will become a hot topic in Vietnam, and preoccupation will remain a challenge for us. We need to have clear automation technology and experience before other companies.

Second, the expansion of the territory. There have been many challenges in expanding the area being tested starting in 2017. However, the expansion of our reach to achieve our $ 60 million revenue target in 2021 is inevitable. So, in 2018, plans to expand the scope will continue.

Third, modernization of machinery. We will modernize our continuous replacement of aging machines more rapidly and raise the problematic congestion and nonconformity quality to the highest level in the industry.

Fourth, the introduction of a system and the establishment of a healthy in-house culture. Over the past decade, Trimmers' growth has been a rapid response and the discovery of niche items. This may be appropriate at the beginning of the project, but there has been a lot of friction internally due to the concentration of viewpoints, and the culture of distrust caused by miscommunication has spread. We are all reflecting on and reducing the need for system settling above all else. Of course, it is a business that requires considerable effort and communication, and you need a lot of attention and patience.

What comes to remind with “Trimmers”, “EXO”?

It is HARDWARE COMPANY, RELIABILITY BY DESIGN. Optimized design ensures reliability of customers' impressions It is the most proud model of the company. We are making a lot of effort to do this, and we have enough talent and funds. It is the only company in the world that no one can follow, and the prosperity and happiness of the employees through this. I think this is the most important future value we can create. We must do and can.

Hopefully it will be the year 2018, full of family health and happiness,

CEO Baik Soo Young