Symbol Mark

Trimmers symbol mark is based on the Ice Axe use for ice mountain climbing.

This tool is an essential, strong and dependable climbing equipment for safety which reflects our company as the same trait as this tool possess.

We use this symbol also to signify high standards of precision and accuracy of our work.


For us, the meaning of “Trimmers” is “fine-tuning”.

Present in this phrase meaning, Trimmers’ workmanship has a responsibility and technology of the people’s work of high standard quality of product.

Color Palette

Trimmers is based on three colors : Blue, Black, Silver,

Blue signifies Caution and Accuracy

Black signifies Correct path and Focus

Silver signifies Sophisticated and Trend leader.

Combining all the traits that symbolized Trimmers’ colors, this make our workmanship more effective and in high standards.

The color representation usually is on the basis of 3 primary colors, however if 3 colors cannot be expressed then we will use one color or monotone colors.