Symbol Mark

Our symbol mark is inspired by the ice axe, an essential tool for safe ice climbing.

Just like the ice axe, Trimmers embodies strength, dependability, and precision in everything we do.


At Trimmers, "fine-tuning" is what defines our name.

This commitment to precision is reflected in our craftsmanship, which combines the responsibility and technological expertise of our team to deliver high-quality products.

Color Palette

Trimmers is based on three colors: Blue, Black, Silver,

Blue signifies Caution and Accuracy

Black signifies Correct path and Focus

Silver signifies Sophisticated and Trend leader.

Combining all the traits that symbolized Trimmers’ colors, makes our workmanship more effective and of high standards.

The color representation usually is based on 3 primary colors, however, if 3 colors cannot be expressed then we will use one color or monotone colors.