What is machine maintenance?

Machine maintenance is the work that keeps mechanical assets running with minimal downtime.

Machine maintenance can include regularly scheduled services, routine checks, and both scheduled and emergency repairs. It also includes replacements or realignment of parts that are worn, damaged, or misaligned. Machine maintenance can be done either in advance of failure or after failure occurs.

Machine maintenance is critical at any plants or facilities that use mechanical assets. It helps meet production schedules, minimize costly downtime, and lower the risks of workplace accidents and injuries.


Why is machine maintenance important?

Machine maintenance affects every asset and every employee who uses those assets. That is why it’s critical to develop an effective maintenance programme to keep the plant and those equipment working properly. Depending on the assets you use, your most effective strategy will include several types of maintenance. Obviously, determining the perfect balance isn’t always easy and will definitely take some time, but fewer breakdowns will mean less dangerous contact with machinery is required, as well as having the cost benefits of better productivity and efficiency, providing a safe system for work.


At Trimmers, we have developed a maintenance strategy for each manufacturing plant. Our maintenance workers will check the status of all machines and assets inside the factory two times per week. Moreover, we always encourage all employees everyday to maintain machine and equipments kept in good conditions.

Last month, to show our gratefulness to hard-working employees who have high performance on machinery maintenance, we brought a little surprise to them. We hope that all employees and workers continue to work effeciently and safely in our plants.