Locomo Adventure Hardshell Bottom Compartment With Corner Protector
Item # PY3103AL77W67 + WR062 + 
WHL045 + CP011
Components:  Retractable handle, Wheel and 
Wheel housing, Corner protector
Color: Various colors available
Material: Shell: Polycarbonate vacuum 
Wheel housing: PP, Aluminum
Wheel: PP, Glass filled TPU
Size: Dimension
M 720mm (H) x 380mm (W) x 140mm (D)
L  800mm (H) x 370mm (W) x 150mm (D)
Retractable Handle length
Retracted  690mm
Extended  1040mm


  • Poly Carbonate Vacuum Thermo Forming moulding process
  • Ultra light system with 800g back case weight only (less than 2lbs.)
  • Assemble with 84mm “Shock Absorbing Twill Wheel”, a new product in the Locomo wheel system collection. It is equipped with shock absorbing spokes and installed with heavy duty aluminium side frames. Smaller, lighter and more modern.
  • Cruiser Handle set is installed outside the shell to give more space to store inside.
  • Newly improved Aluminium corner protector that made more stronger than before to protect and prevent damage on corners of the luggage
  • And lastly, the unique and modernized design to make it more an outdoor look stuff