T3 Collection

We would like to present you our T3 series collection above.

They are made with sandblast surface treament which provides elegant upscale look and feel. Also, the sparkle effect on the surface makes this product unique and scratch resistant. These are great for any bags, backpacks that needs accessories with premium look.

In our T3 colleciton, it includes loops, tension hooks, zipper pullers, D-rings, toggles, clip hooks, and tension locks.

Three colors are available and they are Stone Black(MB), Stone Grey(G7M), and Stone Silver(G10M).

Last but not least, we apply safety stock system for all of our T3 line ups which leads to shortened shipping time and T3 products are offered for around 30% less than the unit price of our regular products. Moreover, we offer 11% discount for the PO quantity above 3000 pieces and 23% discount for 5000 pieces and above.