Alutica_Tilt Head: Bottle Opener Tension Lock

This Alutica Tilt Head: Bottle Opener Tension Lock has up to 2 webbing slots and has a hole that is large enough to fit anything from a swivel hook to a safety harness hardware and more.

Furthermore, there is an added feature of bottle opening function where you can conveniently open bottles anywhere you carry these products with you!

All of our aluminum products use aircraft grade aluminum that is lightweight, corrosion resistant, and strong.


Item # HH164
Material: Aluminum
Color: Various colors available
Size: 25mm


  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Contoured feature
  • Strong but lightweight
  • Bottle opener
  • Natural side curve & smooth edge
  • Laser etching for private label is available


Item code  Size  Tensile Strength
HH164   25mm   505Kgf