FeatherLite Dual All-In-One Systems
Item # PY4215W40WR42_115 +
FM012 + FM014
Component:   Retractable handle, Frame,
Wheel and Wheel housing
Color Various colors available
Material: Frame: Aluminum
Bottom tray: PP
Wheel (Housing/Hub/Tire): ABS / PP / TPU
Wheel type: Dual wheel
Size: Wheel diameter length: 80mm
M  ***mm(H) x 350mm(W) x ***mm(D)
L ***mm(H) x 430mm(W) x ***mm(D)
Retractable Handle length
2 section    Retracted    690mm
                  Extended    1040mm
3 section     Retracted    530mm
                  Extended    1040mm
Coating type: Anodizing, ESD


_NOTE: ALU frame ATUB C120 changed thickness from 1.2mm to 1.4mm 

_Retractable FeatherLite handle

_Inner setting type handle system with exposed wheels

_Side and foot aluminum frame holds all of the stress

  & creates an excellent feature of the luggage