SuperLite Shell Tray Handle
Item #: S   PY1414R29KR007_3
M  PY1414R29KR008_2
L   PY1414R29KR012_2
Components:  Handle grip, Middle bracket, Bottom bracket
Color: Various colors available
Material: Tubes: Aluminum 6463D T6
Handle grip: PP +TPR
Middle tray: PP
Bottom tray: PP
Size: Retractable Handle length
2 section   Retracted   690mm 
                 Extended   1040mm
3 section   Retracted   530mm
                 Extended   1040mm
Coating type: Anodizing, ESD


  • Compatible to use on molded EVA foam bottom compartment and paired with any superlite wheel set
  • Assemble using molded foam and special wheel housing
  • Very light handle systems