Intergrated Production Systems

We are located in Binh Duong, 30 km North from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Based on our know-how technology, we are a massive, complex factory that makes world base quality of products.




Trimmers  1st  Factory

The production site of the first factory is 12,000 sqm 
which includes the main office and head quarters. 
It is controlled by a warehouse with an integrated manufacture system. 
To keep up with customer's demand, it is equipped w
ith a fast production system 
for development and making new products.


                                               1st Floor


                                                2nd Floor

Trimmers  2nd  Factory

From 2015, the second factory will begin production with an area of 20,000 sqm. 
With this factory layout, we will utilize the strong points of the Trimmers’s QC system. 
Compared to the first factory, there are different strong points. 
We can make a mass production system. 
From now on, our manufacturing system can meet the demands of our customer’s needs mass production