Bottle Opener Series

We have a series of metal products with bottle opening capability.

They all are made with strong and corrosion resistant aircraft grade aluminum where anodic coating is applied on the surface with over 30 color choices.

Alutica Bottle opener Tension Hook, HH165

This special hook will make your bags standing out. With the unique head hook, it ensures a secure closure for you bag. More than that, bottle opening function allows you to enjoy your favorite beverage anywhere easily and conveniently.


Alutica Tilt Head: Bottle Opener D-ring, HH146

This Alutica D-ring has a hole that is large enough to fit anything from a swivel hook to a safety harness hardware and more. Obviously, there is an added feature of bottle opening function where you can conveniently open bottles anywhere you carry these products with you!


Alutica Tilt Head: Bottle Opener Tension Lock, HH164

Another item in the Alutica Group. Having the same shape like the previous D-ring, this tension lock has up 2 webbing slot and has a hole that is large enough to fit anything from a swivel hook to a safety harness hardware and more.


Alutica Link Carabiner Regular, HH255

More than a carabiner to keep your belongings in hand every day and anywhere, this carabiner is strong, withstanding up to 400 kgf tensional force.

Alutica Shark Tail Carabiner Regular, HH140

The compact and lightweight carabiner that you should have. Having the shark tail, this carabiner allows you to open any bottle when in need. Also, the key loop offers an excellent key chain clip for home, hiking, fishing, etc.

Shark Tail Buckle

Alutica Multitool Carabiner, HH201

You can find 6 tool in this carabiner: measurement ruler, hexagonal spanner wrench in 5 sizes, box cutter, Keychain loop, webbing slot 25mm, and bottle opener. Its quickly release spring provides most convenient use everyday. It’s also easy to attach to belt loop, key rings and more.


One of the most strong and reliable buckles we have. Withstanding up to 350 kgf, T9 Shark Tail Buckle is strong enough to be used in tool belts – Capacity to hold the weight of various tools. It is available up to 2 webbing slots and 2 webbing size options in 25mm and 38mm. Moreover, you can use it to pop a bottle of bear after a working day!