Miltec Tension Hook
Item # HH187
Material: Steel
Color: Black Coating
Size: Webbing 25mm


Item # HH261
Material: Aluminum
Color: Various colors available
Size: Webbing 25mm


  • The Steel hook is more substantial and it can withstand up to 69kgf/ 152lbf, while the Aluminum hook is 2 times lighter at around 4.5 grams

  • Slim design with premium coating

  • For Steel hook, ESD black coating, and film lamination coating is available with different patterns

  • For the Aluminum hook, a wide range of colors from our color swatch are available

  • A custom logo can be applied to the Aluminum hook

  • Great for any webbing fasteners including waist straps, backpacks, and more


Item code  Size  Tensile Strength
HH187   25mm   25Kgf
HH261 25mm 15Kgf