T3 Shorty Tension Hook
Item # HH228
Material: Aluminum
Color: Sandblasting is available with Stone Grey
10M / Stone Grey 7M / Stone Black
Size: Webbing: 20mm (T=3.0mm)
              25mm (T=3.5mm)


Outfitted with a scratch-resistant surface, the tension hook provides an elegant and upscale look to perfectly match any fabric and bag. 20mm and 25mm webbing sizes are available for the “T3 Shorty Tension Hook” (HH228).

Trimmers proudly present a new collection, called T3, been a major player in outdoor aluminum metal fasteners for the last 10 years, T3 is specified by aircraft aluminum and manufactured by automatic progressive die technology, sandblast finish, and in-house anodizing process. By your simple requirement, we can deliver way faster than before by adopting a Safety Inventory system.


Item code 


Tensile Strength
HH228   20MM   45Kgf
HH228 25MM 80Kgf